The Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt is located in North Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood close to the border it shares with adjoining Temescal. The linear park extends over three blocks, or about 1/2 a mile, along the former Temescal Creek. The park is bound to the north by Hardy Park, at the intersection of Hudson and Claremont Streets, runs along behind the former Safeway and DMV and terminates to the south at the intersection of Redondo Street and Clarke Street, just behind Global Video.

The two children’s playgrounds – Redondo and Hardy – stand at the southern and northern ends, respectively, of the Greenbelt:

  • Hardy Playground, the larger of the two structures, is tucked behind the redwood trees that line the south-east corner of the Hardy Park greenspace. See directions to Hardy Park below. Once there, follow the foot paths from either Claremont Ave next to the dogpark entrance or from Hardy Circle, a cul-de-sac off of Miles Street. Both footpaths converge onto the Greenbelt walkway in front of the Hardy Playground. Hardy is designed primarily for children aged 5-12, although it does have a small tot lot and sandbox.
  • Redondo Playground, the smaller of the two structures, is a tot lot designed for children 2-5 years old. It is located beneath the grove of redwoods at the intersection of Redondo Street and Clarke Street. It’s a bit hard to find, but if you can get yourself to the intersection of Telegraph and 51st, then you are really just one block away. Clarke Street can be accessed from 51st between Miles Street and Telegraph Ave or from Claremont Ave just north of its intersection with Telegraph Ave.


Via PublicTransportation:

Take the Pittsburg/Bay Point line on BART to the Rockridge station. After coming off the escalator, cross College Avenue at the light and proceed down Shafter Avenue. At this point, you will be walking in a south-westerly direction. Walk across Forest Street and turn right at the next intersection onto Hudson Street. Hardy Park, the northern end of the Greenbelt, is located two blocks ahead on the left-hand side of Hudson Street.

Driving East on Highway 24 (from San Francisco and surrounds):

Take Highway 24 to the Claremont Avenue exit.
At the bottom of the off-ramp, turn left onto Claremont Avenue and
right onto Hudson Street to reach Hardy Park at the north end of the Greenbelt.

Driving West on Highway 24 (from Walnut Creek and surrounds):

Take Highway 24 to the College Avenue exit.
At the first light, turn right onto College Avenue and then left at the next light onto Claremont Avenue.
Follow Claremont through the light at the intersection with Forest Street. Hardy Park, the northern end of the Greenbelt, is located at the next light, which is the intersection of Claremont Avenue and Hudson Street.