FROG Park Swings and More+ Playground Update

Many of you recall our Swings and More+ project at Big Frog (Hardy Park) and successful community fundraising effort for new toddler swings, exciting new accessible play equipment to extent play opportunities for our children, while keeping Big Frog one of the most accessible parks in Oakland. Our Swings and More+ project will also be adding a bench, rocks and improved poured-in-place rubber surfacing in the expansion area. The latest design and play equipment can be viewed at

Great news to share.

Oakland Public works has allocated our eighty-eight thousand dollars (yes, $88K!) from Measure HH to our project. These funds are for construction and to match the money raised by our community.

The FROG Park Committee thanks our Public Works partners for their continued hands-on collaboration with us and in-going support for our project and our community’s efforts.

Next steps: Construction Planning

The City of Oakland is working to identify a contractor to implement the design and install the new play equipment. They will also facilitate construction. Though this project has moved much slower than we hoped, all our raised funds (50K from you, our community and foundation grants; ADA grant; Caltrans 4th Bore allocation; etc.), the newly allocated Measure HH funds, our designer and City partners will further ensure our projects successful implementation. More dates and updates to come.

Interested in volunteering for our Frog Park Committee? Please contact if you are interested in following roles:

Communications coordinator and writer (e.g., writing articles, social media and assisting with marketing)
Event planner (e.g., park events and celebrations to bring our community together)
Events coordinator (e.g., help organize our Earth Day and other cleanup events with our Committee)
Volunteer Coordinator (help build our volunteer outreach database and activities)
Maintenance and gardening support (partner with our maintenance coordinator and help plan planting activities – butterfly plants, etc., help coordination with city on repairs)

by Carol Behr, Chair, FROG Park Committee

For more details you can view the plans here.

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