FROG Fall Maintenance Day: Thanks for your Help!

Saturday, September 22 was annual maintenance day at FROG Park. With 100 students and teachers from College Preparatory School and a dozen community
volunteers we cleaned the path, sifted sand, swept the basketball courts, removed graffiti from the kiosk and sealed the wood structures (playground, fence and kiosk).

We also were able to uncover one of the clogged main drains in Hardy playground and, with the help of our city gardener, Luciano, we unclogged the drain and made a quick fix to help in case the playground floods again.

FROG Park is an ongoing project for the community, and maintaining it is key to the facilities being available for children and families to use and enjoy safely. Check on upcoming maintenance work days and plans. Thanks again to all who helped and a special thanks to the volunteers and teachers from College Preparatory School!

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