Built by over 1,300 volunteers in 2001 and sustained over the years by volunteer maintenance and generous donations, Frog Park is a testament to the power of a community-driven vision.

About Frog Park and FROG

What was once a vacant lot overgrown with weeds is now one of Oakland’s most popular parks. It’s a local treasure that started with the simple notion that our neighborhood needed a safe place for kids to play. Now it’s ours to maintain and enhance.

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  • Join Our Fundraiser to Add Swings + More

    FROG has embarked on an ambitious effort to raise $50,000 from the community in 2014 to add new play features to the park. Please consider a donation today, and spread the word to your neighbors. Every dollar counts.

  • About Frog Park

    The greenbelt balances quiet areas featuring benches, redwood groves and butterfly gardens, with active play areas including children’s play structures, swings, a creek and a climbing wall.

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  • Draft Frog Park Improvement Plans (Oct 2015)

    Throughout 2015 we have been meeting with Frog Park neighbors and addressing their concerns related to our proposed improvements to the Park. We hope to have plans final by the end of 2015. In the meantime, please find the draft plans (as of October 2015) here: Draft Frog Park Plans Oct 2015 You can contact us […]

  • What Flows Beneath Temescal?

    Ever wonder about the creek that flows through Frog Park? Where does the water come from, has it always been there, how has the community been involved?  Here’s an excerpt from a longer, rich piece in Bay Nature that answers those questions and more as it walks you through the history of Temescal Creek and […]

  • Eat at Jules + Pasta Pomodoro in November to Help Frog

    More Jules Pizza and Pasta Pomodoro = More Frog Park Swings  Eat Out for a Good Cause Nov. 19, 23, 24, 25 Two of our favorite family restaurants on College are donating 10-20% of their sales on special nights in November to Frog Park’s swings fundraiser. Make your lunch and dinner plans now, and you’ll […]